Saturday, 30 May 2015

New Album by Neferlight, "Beyond Imagination", now available worldwide!!!

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(EN) Finally!! We are very proud to announce the official worldwide release of the new album "Beyond Imagination" by Neferlight.

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The Spanish band, current winner of the national stage in GlobalRockstar Contest 2014, invested
about a year and a half in a hard instropective work of inner quest, looking for the purest and more authentic way of drawing feelings in the waves of sound, what has brought us a very "plastic" image of different stories told from the deepness of the heart.

This album is not a common approach to the classic rock, but a milestone, a different point of view about the essence of the 80's rock, updated, an unusual mixture of the composers' baggage, their influences, and feelings, taking the most emotional angle of the life in several stories, inviting you to a journey to another universe, another place, another time, inside your own soul... beyond imagination...

The tracklist is an approach to a new sound, a new way of expressing music, but a very familiar language in communication, spoken with the heart's tongue.

This is the list of songs included:

  1. Regrets No More.- This is an anthem to stop mourning and start building a new world on your own: "Your imagination is the way to salvation, reality is in your mind...". An ode to the optimism full of soul that can lift you up in a bad day, or boost your energy in a good one.
  2. Crystal Lake.- The main character is a ghost who can only see our world through reflective surfaces, and he falls in love with a girl. He starts following her trough every mirror, he dreams he touches her, sighing while dancing, yearning her warm embrace. Until one night, when she starts swimming in a quiet lake with its surface like a crystal...
  3. Clown's Mask.- Everyone laughs with the clown and his jokes, but when the curtain falls and he remains alone with his own thoughts... everything changes... what is lying beneath of the clown's maks...??
  4. Twilight Hour.- It's fun to go for a walk in a cemetery before dusk ... in that single moment when she can see you, and you can see her, a moment that can last a few seconds, or a life concentrated in one hour, the Twilight Hour.
  5. Double Life.- She used to look so perfect, pure, innocent ... and then you discover the treachery, the big lye, and nothing were as it seemed...
  6. Paradise.- We can invest our lifetime in a journey around the world looking for the happiness, the mitic paradise, not realizing you did found it already... but you keep on looking for, still looking for...
  7. Fatebreakers.- Just break the chains, rewrite the rules, don't hesitate. You have to break your fate, because it is not written... everything is a lie...
  8. Wooden Heart.- Forgive me for not seeing the reason in your tears, help me build a world where our dreams come true, help me cure this heart... my wooden heart...
  9. (I Just) Died in Your Arms.- The only one cover in the album, a different approach to one of the 80's greatest hits, it must have been some kind of kiss... something your said, but i just died in your arms tonight...
  10. The Power of the Moment.- In a moment your life can change, a world can be destroyed, or a new begining can see the light, so feel the power of the moment, carpe diem.
Hell yeaaaah!! convinced?? If so, go to one of the links above and purchase your download. You can pick the album, or a single song, or a set of them! Check it out now!!!